Thursday, 25 October 2012

A TIMEBANK for the Wairarapa

From Kaitaia in the North to Hokonui in the South, Timebanks are spreading rapidly throughout New Zealand - and soon to be available in the Wairarapa.
A local Timebank would be complementary to the Green Dollar system and many people would choose to use both systems.
Visit to discover the similarities and differences between Timebanking and Green Dollars. Listen to Edgar Cahn founder of TimeBanks USA at or purchase Cahn’s book No More Throw Away People from Green Dollar member Living Economies – email

 Public meeting – to initiate Timebanking in the Wairarapa

Monday 1st October, 7.30pm
Events Centre, Holloway St, Carterton
Guest speakers: Hannah Macintosh, co-ordinator, &
Renee Rushton, steering committee, both from Wellington Timebank
Timebanking: Weaving community together one hour at a time.
For every hour you spend doing something for someone in our community,
you earn one time credit.
 You can then spend your time credit on having someone do something for you. 
It’s that simple!
Timebanking builds relationships and trust in a community.
Everyone has something they can contribute; everyone has something they’d like to receive. 
Great for individuals, families, community organisations, church groups….
Visit to learn more.
Enquiries: Helen Dew 06 379 8034

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