Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Interesting Time-based currency in Amsterdam

This interesting Time-based currency in Amsterdam seems to have a far wider scope than that achieved in Timbanks elsewhere.

The Makkie is a reward scheme in the Makassarsquare neighbourhood, part of the Amsterdam East District. The purpose of De Makkie is to empower local people, to encourage them to take an active role in their community and to improve liveability in the Makassarsquare neighbourhood.
Local residents are rewarded with Makkies when they actively contribute to their neighbourhood or when helping out their neighbours on the request of the municipality, housing corporations, welfare institutions or professional organisations. It includes for example: cleaning public space, doing the housekeeping for an elderly person, or helping  to organise a local event. Makkies can be redeemed for goods and services at local shops and organisations such as free entrance to the cinema, museum, or swimming pool, a significant rebate at local independent traders or a free subscription at the library. Participants of the scheme are encouraged to trade among themselves as well. For example, babysitting or administrative help. As a rule, one Makkie equals the value of one hour of work.

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